Making Waves

Making Waves

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The Aim

In 2013 Shambala Festival ran a hugely successful campaign to eliminate disposable plastics from the event. A combination of the Bring a Bottle campaign, where all attendees were asked to bring a re-usable bottle, banning the sale of bottled water, and using re-usable cups on all the bars, achieved a reeduction of 10,000 bottles and over 100,000 cups being used once. The initiative had 93% audience approval rating, and caused a storm on social media.

Our next step was to work with experts in the field to develop a strategy to disseminate knowledge and share leaning in the festival Industry.

The Process

Kambe Events worked with Raw Foundation, experts in materials science and campaigning, to develop Making waves: A Guide to Plastic Free Festivals. This 26 page guide with facts, tips and links was launched at the Green Events and Innovations Conference in 2014, and is now available online. Kambe and Raw Foundation are now offering consultancy, workshops, training and talks as part of a wider strategy to spread this initiative across the festival sector.

You can download a free PDF of the guide HERE, or view online to your right.

The Result

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