Shambala Festival

Adventures in Utopia

The Event

We wanted to make a place to party, free our minds, lose our hearts, learn, discuss, be inspired and to see what is achievable as a community and, in 2001, Shambala Festival was born.

Shambala is so much more than just a monumental party. It’s a haven, a think-tank and a happening all infused with heartfelt, purposeful hedonism. It’s a space to play, to reinvent, revitalise. It’s a playground, a realm for wild experimentation and alternative education where unforgettable life skills are shared, learned and applied.

Event Info

“Shambala would be the number one festival on our list, the first name on our festival team sheet. This is simply the best adventure that you can currently have in a festival field. End of.” E-Festivals

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