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Welcome to the Kambe Yoga space at 34 Portland Square in St. Pauls. Kambe House is home to a dynamic group of yoga teachers who hold a range of classes, including Somatics, Vinyasa, Hatha Flow and Power Yoga. Please see the weekly timetable and teacher profiles below to find out more about the teachers and the types of class available.

For all class enquiries and class bookings please contact the teachers directly.

If you are new to yoga please do get in touch to find out more. All the teachers are more than happy to help you find the right style and class for you.

Kambe House has some slots that are available for long term teacher hire. To enquire to become one of the regular teachers at Kambe House please email: bookings@kambe-events.co.uk


7:30am – 8:30am 6:00pm – 7:00pm 7:15pm – 8:15pm 8:30pm – 9:30pm
Monday Available for hire Hanna Somatics – Cat (7 week course) Power Yoga – Loz Available for hire
Tuesday Vinyasa Flow – Beni Hatha Flow – Tom Power Yoga – Loz Available for hire
Wednesday Morning Flow Yoga – Tom Vinyasa Flow – Fay Vinyasa Flow – Fay Available for hire
Thursday Vinyassa Flow – Ash Hatha Flow – Victoria Vinyasa Flow – Fay Available for hire
Friday Hatha Flow – Tom Not available Not available Not available

Weekend Timetable


7:30am – 8:30am 9:00am – 10:00am 10:30am – 13:30pm 14:00pm – 17:00pm
Saturday Available for hire Available for hire Available for workshop hire Available for workshop hire
Sunday Available for hire Available for hire Available for workshop hire Available for workshop hire

The Teachers – Click to Read Full Profile

Victoria – Hatha Flow

victoriaMy yoga journey initially began as a simple way to help calm and focus my mind in this, at times, chaotic world. Since then, yoga has opened up my life in ways I could never have imagined, from increased self-confidence to mental clarity, self-awareness and a deeper connection with my own body.

The desire to deepen and explore my practice further led me to India where I completed my Yoga Teacher Training at the Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham ashram in Kerala. Since then, the opportunity to share my love and joy for yoga with others has been mind-blowing and something I feel truly honoured to be able to do. Leaving a yoga class with an uplifting energy recharge and a clear and centred mind is the best feeling in the world and something I hope to share with my students.

My classes are predominantly Hatha inspired, exploring a wide range of asanas and a number of dynamic flows at a strong and steady pace, as well as a meditative focus on the breath. I try to find the balance of creating a yoga class that is both challenging yet within the student’s reach, encouraging students to explore their own physical capabilities as well as tuning into what their body needs, knowing when it is time to trust their instincts and pull back, and when it is time to push through any mental barriers and explore what their body can do. In my opinion, yoga is for absolutely everybody and all are welcome to try my class. Contact details: yogablissbristol@gmail.com / 07880 355 529

Katerina – Hatha Flow

katerina3My teaching comes straight from my heart and my personal practice. I was looking to deepen my spiritual practice when I enrolled on the teacher training at Bristol City Yoga. This is where I discovered a great passion for teaching and sharing the many benefits of yoga.

I maintain the focus on core integration and alignment, stemming from my desire to use yoga as a tool to heal and strengthen the body on both the mental and physical plane and many more. In my classes expect to breathe, laugh and use your body to your maximum capacity when practicing asana.

My Hatha Flow yoga classes incorporate a dynamic flow of physical yoga postures with breath awareness before slowing our practice down with more static postures, meditation and relaxation. Classes are suitable for new students to yoga as well as those with more experience. I offer modifications and adjustments where needed so that each student can experience the postures being taught and can participate at their own ability. I encourage students to practice with awareness and within the range of movement available to them to provide a safe, relaxing and inclusive environment. Contact details: dvorakovak@yahoo.co.uk / 07762184233 / http://www.opentoyoga.co.uk

Lawrence – Power Yoga

Lawrence-imageComing from a family of teachers and practitioners, Lawrence has been around yoga for a long time. He began studying 5 years ago in London, and in between finishing his training in the UK, has travelled through Europe and Southern Asia, absorbing different styles of yoga and combining them into the power yoga class he teaches today.

Power yoga is a direct offshoot from ashtanga yoga, meaning it includes a large amount of ‘traditional’ postures but without the formula of the ashtanga system. We dip into the anatomical structures of postures so we can understand what is happening to the body when we move, this way our practice can become intelligent and well informed, giving us the ability to tailor each session to our particular needs.

Yoga is a powerful tool that can help us perform better at the things we love, whether that’s in our professional, personal or leisure lives. If you’re looking for a challenge, there are plenty of options to do so, as well as a variety of modifications in postures to make them easier, more often than not, less it more.

Expect honest, clear and detailed descriptions of postures, a multitude of variations suitable for all levels of practitioners and a welcoming environment inclusive of people from all backgrounds. It’s down to you to find the place between too much and not enough, the teacher is there to guide you through the sequences and offer support if you have any questions.
Contact details: lozhassan@gmail.com / 07456911791

Beni – Vinyasa Flow

paulI’ve always had a passion for movement, and yoga has been central to my healing and deepening awareness of the body. Through the practice of Vinyasa Yoga we will use our breath and flowing asana sequences to realise a powerful relationship between mind and body, build strength, patience & will power.

As a long time Breakdancer, I would make huge demands of my body. With little regard for consequences. I went on to study contemporary dance and after many years struggling with the limitations of injuries Yoga found me. With steady sustained practice we can open the body, balance the mind, turn the tide! That is what I hope to share with you… although the yoga matt is a place for discipline, equally, it’s as much a place to explore and express.
Come, be playful, be open, be suprised!

Beni is a student of Bali based teacher and Forest Yoga disciple, Les Leventhal.
He brings to the matt influences from many teachers across India and back here in the UK, and likes to draw on his knowledge of different yoga styles. His classes are open to all, complete beginners or intermediate students who are sure to find a few slightly more wild variations! Contact details: plbennellick@gmail.com

Ash – Vinyassa Flow & Acro Yoga

Ash-headshot1Ash began her Yoga journey in 2007, finding a calm in the midst of the academic storm that was university! She was struck immediately by the meditative nature of the practice; fusing her loves of philosophy, poetry and free­flowing movement. Since then, Ash has had the opportunity to study and teach yoga internationally, from India to Indonesia, focussing on the contrasting practices of Ashtanga, Yin and Vinyasa yoga.

Recently, Ash has discovered the beautiful dance of AcroYoga, a partner practice grounded on trust and community. Ash has had the privilege of studying with some of the world’s leading teachers: Jason Nemer (the founder of AcroYoga), Simon Park and Danny Paradise among others. Ash’s classes aim to awaken an awareness within her students, that only begins in the body and on the mat and slowly moves to expand outside the individual level.

Having recently returned from her second teaching tour of the West Bank with her friends and co­teachers AcroYogis Bex Tyrer and Kathy Gade, Ash’s classes are guided by spiritual activism ­ to wake up and challenge ourselves! Ash now teaches 10 playful and dynamic classes a week in Bristol, a combination of the many styles that she enjoys as well as running Thai Massage and AcroYoga workshops in the South West and occasionally returning to her native Oxford to give lectures on the basics of Yoga philosophy. Contact details: www.facebook.com/flyingmonkeyyoga / ashtynebond@gmail.com / 07909 264641

Cat Balaam – Hanna Somatics

catI have been studying bodywork and helping people heal since 2003. In 2005, I met an amazing massage therapist in India who had been there meditating and “talking to bodies” as he called it, for more than 35 years. I was inspired by his approach to physical well­being, I found it immediately effective and profoundly holistic. I studied Bengali massage with him and he introduced me to Hanna Somatics. Since then I have been working with Hanna Somatics in my own practice and in 2011, I embarked on my professional training. I have fully embraced this practice and really enjoy teaching it to others and witnessing the powerful results of such a gentle and modest approach to healing.

Hanna Somatics is a movement orientated practice that uses the brain’s capacity for ongoing development. It was developed by Thomas Hanna, a neurophysiologist and student of the Feldenkrais method. Hanna understood that when muscles become stressed they contract, potentially causing pain and restriction of movement. This reaction is an instruction from the brain, it is the nervous system in the freeze, fight or flight response that was once essential for our survival. These days this stress can be caused by frequently repeated actions, a sudden impact or just the ups and downs of modern life. To relieve this pain and reintroduce freedom of movement long term, we work consciously with the nervous system through slow, mindful exercises to re­educate and release the chronic holding habits of the muscles.

Learning Hanna Somatics could help you with sciatica, scoliosis, general back pain and recurring injuries, it can also support and compliment other more demanding physical practices. This is a powerful and empowering process giving us back the ability to help ourselves find ease and comfort in daily life. These classes are appropriate for all, regardless of age or ability. Contact details: 07886011422 / cat@somaticbeing.com  / www.facebook.com/somaticbeing

Fay – Vinyasa Flow


Fay believes that we can heal and nourish ourselves through yoga. She offers a wealth of experience in anatomical alignment, movement development and dynamic phrasing through her life long commitment to dance and yoga. Fay has delved deeply in the study and consideration of yogic philosophy and healing through movement. Her enquiries allow her classes to evoke deep thought and care around how we use our yoga to inspire us; but also how we can live a more connected existence allowing us the freedom to make choices that better support our lives – thus our spirit.  Fay teaches Vinyasa Flow style, this gives her students tailored adjustment and a safe practice that facilities their potential growth.

This 1 hour Vinyasa Class will encourage healing of the spirit and a gentle opening of the body to path our way to embodying our full potential. Classes are a dynamic flow inspired by the freedom of dance and are open to all levels. Physically, Yoga will strengthen and stretch the body as well as gradually building flexibility. The postures in yoga will be a mixture of seated, twisted, standing, forward bending and balancing, with an aspect of challenging, dynamic and relaxing qualities. Contact details: www.labyrinthearts.com/#!about2/c1m2o / labyrinthearts@gmail.com / 07929190358

Tom – Hatha Flow

photo-TomMy yoga journey began in 2008 when I took my first class in the Indian Himalayan mountains. I have always been sporty but had never heard of yoga and had no idea how much tension I was holding in my body. My first teacher joked (somewhat cruelly) that I had the body of a 90 year old man! I have been practicing virtually every day ever since (the insult spurred me on!) and yoga has become an integral part of my life. Now that I am a teacher it is my absolute pleasure to share my own practice with others and try to inspire my students to let yoga support them in their lives.

My philosophy is that in order to feel happiness and peace within, we must nourish our body, mind and spirit and it can only be our responsibility to do so. It is through practicing yoga postures, proper breathing, proper relaxation and meditation that we can achieve this goal. Initially we need an experienced guide to show us the way and support us when we fall down and this is where I can come in. I know that the yoga way works because I’m practicing every day and feel more peace within me than ever before.

What I am passionate about is that yoga is not about pushing ourselves harder in order to achieve the most flexible body or master the most advanced poses, this is the route to injury and dissatisfaction. The best way is the way of regular practice, respecting the body and allowing it to open bit by bit and release the accumulated tension of our lives. There are no prizes for coming first! Remember how the tortoise beat the hare. We have our whole lives to practice and yoga is a most beautiful art form passed down through generations going back many thousands of years. We are SO lucky to have it!! Come with me on the journey to lasting happiness and a peaceful soul. Contact details:  tcbcrews@gmail.com / 075 3225 1932

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